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In the project IPC Groene Ruimte conducts short practical courses on water issues and small scale irrigation for lecturing staff of the Agricultural Hydraulic and Rural Water Supply Course of ISPG.  The purpose of the irrigation training facilities is the skills training of the students. It will enhance:

  1. Their performance in carrying out irrigation (as supervising);
  2. Improve their practical knowlegde on existing irrigation methods;
  3. Improve their practical skills and knowlegde in collecting and estimate data for design of irrigation systems;
  4. Their performance in extension on irrigated crops/agriculture.


Practical vocational training

The lecturing staff of the Agricultural Hydraulic & Rural Water Supply Course of ISPG has a leading role in the realization of practical training so they must have enough practical expertise to achieve this.

By conducting practical vocational training in the field to measure characteristics relating to topography, soil and water, the lecturing staff and students will gain a better understanding of it and to the importance of it in their future role as a development agent in determining irrigation methods/systems, pumps, crop choices etc. 


The next practical vocational training will be implemented by IPC Groene Ruimte:

  1. Land surveying, measuring heights/slopes with levelling-instrument (dumpy-level), measuring staff, grid-points, raging-poles and a simple and ''self-constructed'' levelling-instrument (water hose level). By using the acquired knowledge the teachers (and students) can produce topographic maps of the locations where the constructing of irrigation systems are planned.
  2. Colleting data in the field which is essential for design irrigation systems: soil survey (both chemical and physical), compaction of the soil and infiltration rates of water. The training will contribute to a fast, structural and sustainable improvement of the present conditions and the understanding of data on soil and water characteristic needed in the design of successful working irrigation schemes.
  3. Design irrigation systems, contstruct irrigation systems in the field (control the contractor)
  4. Implementation and monitoring of the irrigation systems in combination with growing crops.

Waarom IPC?


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Postbus 393,
6800 AJ Arnhem

Iedere werkdag geopend van 08:00 tot 17:00 uur.

Telefoon 026 35 50 100
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Email info@ipcgroen.nl