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Direct access

IPC has direct access to an up-to-date reservoir of cutting-edge knowledge, skills and professional experience in both the national and international arena. IPC is also flexible in designing and implementing training courses and courses tailored to special needs. IPC provides short vocational hands-on training courses as well as long term courses both in the Netherlands and abroad.

The method of approach is unique

Land and water management, forestry, nature and wildlife management, wetlands cultivation and civil engineering demand qualified skilled employees in many specialized areas, who - apart from needing a profound theoretical knowledge - must also possess practical, immediately applicable skills and experience.

Learn in practice

What could be a better way to learn how to maintain a small scale irrigation system than to go outside and learn it in practice? And what would be a better way of learning how to operate machinery and use equipment than learning by doing? Learning in the real situation! Many tasks in a specific job demand skilled teamwork. Wouldn't it be a better teamwork experience when you can practise a specific task by directly cooperating with the members of the training group? These aspects apply to all training and courses provided by IPC with respect to 'learning by doing' and 'on-the-job' training.

Waarom IPC?


Koningsweg 35,
6816 TG Arnhem


Postbus 393,
6800 AJ Arnhem

Iedere werkdag geopend van 08:00 tot 17:00 uur.

Telefoon 026 35 50 100
Fax 026 44 55 629
Email info@ipcgroen.nl